We automate healthcare services so healthcare practitioners can focus on the most essential part of their work—treating patients.

Mobile health

Healthcare CRM

Patient engagement tools

Hospital management software

Software for medical devices

Pharmacy management solutions

Healthcare e-commerce

Patient portals


Healthcare data analytics

E-prescribing software

  • Provides a platform for sending Rxs to pharmacies, establishing bonds within the healthcare industry, and better serving the patient.

Electronic Health Record (EHR/EMR) Software

  • Allows for managing and maintaining patient data in electronic records, including medical history, allergies, lab results, and demographics.

Healthcare CRM

  • Helps maintain better patient relationships, improving care quality, contact management, and more accurate performance reports.

Hospital Management Software

  • Optimizes hospital management, i.e., administrative work, billing, insurance, and managing patient information.

Telemedicine software

  • Makes medical treatment online accessible and effective, may include a mobile app.

Medical Practice Management Software

  • Maintains clinical workflow and optimizes daily operations, i.e., accounting activities, setting appointments, keeping medical records, and managing finances.

Security Standards (GDPR & HIPAA)



Telemedicine solutions

Clinical trials and research

Workflow Optimizations

Health Insurance


Third-party Integrations (EHR, fitness apps, insurance databases)

  • Access to information and resources

Access crucial health information and resources for patients and practitioners by centralizing medical records, test results, and treatment plans in digital formats.

  • Reduce administrative tasks, delays, and errors

Provide faster and more accurate diagnoses and treatments.

  • Inclusivity

Give access to solutions like telemedicine and remote monitoring no matter the location. Allow for seamless integration between different systems, enabling efficient data exchange and process automation.

Managed Medical

Managed Medical is a US-based company focused on developing a solution to manage and optimize all non-clinical functions for healthcare practitioners. This project was centered on streamlining Medical practices for healthcare practitioners. The proposed services included Office Management, Revenue cycle management, Practice Diagnostics, Contract Negotiations, Insurance Submission and Adjudication, and Provider Credentialing.

ERT Medical Portalis

a Medical information system for patient health monitoring.


Sweden-based startup that provides a software-as-a-service patient care platform for doctors and patients that makes electronic health records (EHR) available digitally and provides practice management.


is an all-around HIPAA-compliant solution for digitizing healthcare processes that: Allows for convenient and quick scheduling and payment for telemedicine. Allows for real-time communication and collaboration between patients and caregivers. Supplies patient monitoring and medical device integration. Ensures that security meets the highest industry standards.