Every public transit app should aim at being versatile in functionality. Core features like maps, schedules, location tracking, and real-time notifications are equally crucial for any app, whether intended to support hundreds of destinations, be tailored to a specific transport provider, or help visitors learn about a city’s landmarks.

General purpose transit apps

  • urban navigation apps that support dozens or hundreds of cities across the globe with the possibility to build routes and provide information on commute options by various transport agencies, including public transport and bike and car-sharing and hauling companies. General-purpose apps must include all transportation modes available, step-by-step navigation, and vehicle tracking.

Transportation providers’ apps

  • these apps are built for specific transport agencies and include route and schedule information for trip planning. Such apps usually allow for online ticket purchases. Apps by providers with intercity and international routes are integrated with ticket reservation systems as these companies deal with seat inventory. Seamless booking, payment, and boarding are imperatives for your transit company. Ensure travelers can access up-to-date seat availability and fare information and see what part of a vehicle's route has already been completed.

Hop-on hop-off tour apps

  • Apps for flexible sightseeing bus tours. These tour apps provide people with information about routes: stops, fixed schedules, live location of vehicles, an offline city map, audio guides, or brief descriptions of famous landmarks. Information about a city and navigating it are essential for hop-on, hop-off tour apps. A customizable map with live fleet tracking, additional info on sights with photos, walking tours, and on-demand routes can enhance the tourist experience and in-app tour purchases.

Basic app features like a user panel, login, a location map view, Search nearby transport mode, selecting the pickup and drop-off location, finding the nearby distance and the pickup time, adding/saving your favorite location, estimated fare with each transportation mode, push notification, social media Integration, ride history, rate drivers option.

  • Interactive Maps  
  • Schedules and routes with live updates on disruptions and vehicle location
  • General (Google) Transit Feed Specification (GTFS)
  • GTFS Realtime
  • Transit data from aggregators
  • Transit data from operators
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Crowdsourced live transit data 
  • Trip planner
  • Online ticketing, payments
  • SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification
  • Geolocation integration
  • Push notifications
  • Live trip news and updates (traffic jams, road construction sites)
  • Journey layout (estimation of cost, best transport option, and route)
  • In-route alerts (about the route change etc.)

Metro Blinq

Transport, social & advertising information systems with live updates. The interface scales to any screen resolution. Interactive network with the remote control system.


A pilot project in the Dutch transport system. The project integrates with contactless fare collection systems at several public transport stations.


State Unitary Enterprise of road passenger transport in the Moscow Region.