Whether you're a hotel, airline, travel agent, or other travel and hospitality-related business, we can help you stand out and provide the best possible experience for your guests and customers. 

Flight Booking

Our team has experience developing highly efficient flight booking search engines. Search engines enable users to make bookings as easy as possible by filtering search results by price, date, airline, and more.

The flight ticket industry is quite complex. Building something in this area requires a thorough understanding of the industry and its unique challenges. Here are some of the non-obvious problems that our team has successfully addressed for our partners:

Integration with Airline Ticket Providers

Integrating with airline ticket providers can be challenging, as each provider may have its own API and data format. Each of our team members has vast experience working with various airline ticket providers and can quickly help you integrate their data into your system.

Correct Suggestions When Searching for Airports

Users can use the airport's name, city name, country, or IATA code when searching for an airport. By building a search engine that provides correct suggestions based on the user's input, you can ensure that your customers find the suitable airport for their needs.

Informativity of Search Results

Search results must be informative in compact mode and readable in a more detailed view. Our development team can offer assistance in creating user-friendly interfaces that are clear and understandable to users.

Browser Performance Issues

When rendering large lists, browsers can start to "fall" and "lag," which can be a significant issue for users. Our developers can help you address this problem by implementing virtual scrolling, which renders only the elements included in the viewport and not the entire list. 

Hotel Chain Frontend

Our team has vast experience working on user-friendly interfaces of hotel chains, focusing on room bookings and consultation for integration design with various PMS that give the hotel staff the tools to administer the business effectively.

Hotels and hostels face a range of unobvious pitfalls and pains that can be addressed through automation. These include optimizing underbooking, integrating on-property PMS with online booking solutions, avoiding concurrent bookings made in on-property PMS and online, and integrating with channels like Booking.com. There is also a field for automation in housekeeping and many other areas of the hotel life cycle. 

Build an excellent infrastructure that fits your business needs and solves burning issues while staying flexible and scalable.

Tourist Portals

One of our most significant projects in this sphere is a tourist content constructor that allows users to create customized travel itineraries with events, routes, audio guides, and more. In this tourist portal project, we've created partner cabinets, ticketing, schedule management, storytelling, GIS (maps), advertising modules, integration with payment gateways, and a miniature version of Airbnb.

Integration with various services, from cinemas to aggregators as channel managers, gives users access to all the information they need to make informed travel decisions.

Our expertise in making map route interfaces of any difficulty with data visualization, user interaction, and performance optimization lets us build solutions that enhance your customer's travel experiences.

Interactive IoT Kiosks

Developing interactive IoT Kiosks for tourists that provide an immersive and engaging travel experience made us proud tourist portal IoT Kiosk parents.

Our development team included content in the Kiosk's interface, the ability to build routes, call a taxi, broadcast video in both directions, a voice assistant, the possibility to call emergency assistance via VoIP, payment terminals on the spot, and much more. 

These kiosks provide travelers worldwide with a wealth of information and services to make their travel as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

  • Booking and Reservation Systems

Our developers can construct intuitive, customized booking and reservation systems, making it simple for clients to book and manage their reservations while providing you with the resources needed to run your business effectively.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

Constructing custom CRM systems can help you track customer interactions, provide personalized recommendations, and offer targeted promotions and discounts.

  • Property Management Systems (PMS)

By integrating your on-property PMS with your online booking solution, you can avoid concurrent bookings in both the on-property PMS and online. We can also assist you in optimizing underbooking, managing schedules, and streamlining operations.

  • Tour Operator and Travel Agency Systems

Efficiently manage your tour operator or travel agency operations with solutions designed to help you manage bookings, track inventory, and give customers personalized recommendations.

  • Online Travel Portals

Our team can help you build custom online travel portals that include features such as a tourist content constructor, events generator, routes builder, audio guides, partner cabinets, online ticketing, schedule management, GIS (maps), advertising modules, integration with payment gateways, and even a miniature version of Airbnb.

  • Travel Mobile Applications

Give your customers the freedom and comfort of their home on the go with efficient mobile apps built to provide them with the full functionality of a web portal in their pocket!

  • In-Room and In-Hotel Information Systems

Custom in-room and in-hotel information systems provide your customers with a wealth of information and services, such as interactive IoT kiosks filled with tourist content, the ability to create routes, call a taxi, broadcast video in both directions, a voice assistant, the ability to call emergency assistance via VoIP, payment terminals on the spot, and much more.

  • AI and Chatbots

Specializing in the latest technology, Devstark can help you build AI-powered chatbots that provide 24/7 customer service, help with reservations, and respond to customer inquiries. Deliver personalized recommendations and offer targeted promotions and discounts.

  • Data Analytics Solutions

Our team can design specialized data analytics systems to help you better comprehend your customers, maximize your operations, and make data-based decisions. You gain valuable insights into your customers' behavior and preferences and adjust your services accordingly.

  • Loyalty Program Solutions

Creating custom loyalty program solutions will incentivize customers to return to your business and provide personalized rewards and benefits, ultimately driving sales and improving customer retention in the long run.

  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Applications

With custom VR and AR applications, you can transport your customers into an immersive travel experience that is both captivating and engaging. Geofencing and geotargeting partnered with AR is a sure way to let your marketing campaigns get noticed! This leads us to the next point.

  • Location-Based Services

The location-based services enable you to provide personalized travel recommendations to your clients based on their whereabouts and current location. These solutions can help you create memorable travel experiences for your customers while maximizing their satisfaction.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Applications

By leveraging IoT technology, you improve your customer service and operational efficiency. We can build custom IoT applications that enable you to track customer interactions, manage inventory, and optimize your operations. With our solutions, you can streamline your business processes and deliver a pleasant customer experience.

Design and build software from the ground up, modernize, or seamlessly integrate with other in-use systems with Devstark's Travel & Hospitality development services.

From online booking systems to loyalty programs and customer relationship management tools, our development team can build, expand and integrate Travel & Hospitality software solutions designed according to your business's specific requirements.