Devstark specializes in eLearning software development that helps organizations of all sizes improve learning, decrease manual work, and deliver a goal-oriented educational experience.


Learning management systems (LMS)

We use our expertise in custom LMS software development services to build solutions tailored to your unique business goals and needs. Create a learner-centric LMS app regardless of the project's complexity and scale with our development services! The benefits of implementing LMS include a training session schedule, a centralized content library, assessment, gamification, communication (live video, instant messaging, file sharing, or VoIP calls), automated alerts and notifications, deep analytics, and remote-ready architecture.


eLearning portals

Our experts can help you create a custom eLearning portal that allows your students to meet specific learning goals and streamline the learning process. Build a feature-rich custom portal that is flexible and efficient, delivering a deeply personalized learning experience. Elearning portals encompass such features as administration of learning materials, content recommendation, student assessment, rich analytics, reporting dashboards, gamification, communication and social learning (chats, forums, communities, likes, shares, and comments), and payments.


Learning Record Store (LRS)

Our experienced team can help you build LRS software with intelligent data storage, analytics, and report generation features optimized for all devices. Advanced analytics features help the learning process and facilitate decision-making for organizations. LRS offers benefits such as flexible reporting & data tracking, data collection, performance reporting, user activity dashboards, rich analytics, learning progress, class management, and administration tools.

We create educational products to deliver unique learning processes, boost business efficiency and satisfy users’ expectations.


Learning experience platforms (LXP)

Using years of experience to build custom LXPs fine-tuned to your company's needs and your customer's preferences. Create AI-powered eLearning software solutions that fit your user's training preferences - like a glove with our cross-functional development team. We build centralized digital systems that empower your organization to combine various learning assets in one place to accelerate the learning process. The benefits of custom LXP include such features as highly intuitive interfaces, personalized learning experience, extensive integration capabilities, video streaming eLearning solutions, contextual learning in the workplace, and a multimedia library.


Mobile learning applications

Devstark delivers learning mobile app development services that allow you to build engaging and effective cross-platform apps with advanced features. Our tailor-made intuitive mobile learning apps help captivate your target audience, solve users’ pain points, enhance business performance, and increase brand awareness.


Knowledge management systems (KMS)

Storing all data in one place is way more productive when managing educational content. Build a knowledge management platform that lets your company have single access to your learning materials. With our KMS, you can easily create, publish, store, and structure articles, FAQs, step-by-step guides, or any other information you need. KMS offers content management (creation, storing, editing), cross-device accessibility, multi-language support, third-party integrations, eLearning content analytics, collaborative authoring, and content repositories.

  • Tailored dashboards

    Help teachers effectively manage students' info, see their tests, comment on completed tasks, and evaluate their work with our comprehensive, intuitive teacher-student dashboards. Students are also provided with all the necessary information, such as purchased courses, current courses, their progress, linked teachers, and a learning progress schedule.

  • Content management

    Provide an opportunity to create, add, edit, or remove content conveniently and quickly. Comfortable CMS adds to effective education delivery by making learning more interactive and allowing users to upload videos, photos, PDF files, exercises, and other learning materials.

  • Gamification

    Make learning more fun with game-like educational interactions leading to higher engagement. Educational gamification consists of points for accomplished tasks, levels of progress, a list of the platform's top learners, polls, quizzes, rewards, etc.

  • Analytics

    Provide real-time analytics that quickly processes large amounts of data to track detailed information, such as learning reports, graphs, diagrams, financial reports, etc. Advanced analytics tools provide you with rich data that allows you to make data-driven decisions, enhance your strategy, and deliver the best educational experiences.

  • Communication

    Implement into your eLearning solution the possibility to converse via live video, instant messaging, or VoIP calls and let your students share ideas with one another and seek guidance on different topics.

  • Payments

    A comfortable payment option that is easy to use and secures is crucial for smooth checkout and conversions. Integrate a secure payment gateway using a platform like Stripe or PayPal with our experienced development team.

  • Social media integrations

    Make your student's learning experience sharable and increase user engagement by integrating your eLearning product with social media. Empower your students to share their lerning accomplishments with friends on social media and increase your marketing reach.

  • API: Third-party services

    Deliver multiple services in one platform and allow users to try them without app switching. Due to flexible architecture, our development team can integrate your educational software with third-party apps and tools such as CRM, Salesforce, video libraries, and different payment services.

Our agile, cross-functional team will guide you through all the stages of product development with clear communication and transparency at each step.

Our end goal is to make your product’s users happy. That is why we conduct thorough user research or user experience audits to create intuitive interfaces that make learning fun and easy.