Implement complex algorithms, build secure web applications, and create innovative features with our backend development team.

The backend is the most critical part of any service or application. A well-designed, scalable, and robust backend is vital for ensuring the success of any business.

It provides the possibility to customize the solution and scale it up or down as the business grows. It also means you have complete control over the data and can ensure your information is safe and secure. 

With a custom backend, businesses can choose the database technology that best suits their needs, such as relational database management systems (RDMS) or NoSQL databases. They can also implement their security protocols to ensure that data is only accessible to authorized users.

However, building a custom backend is a challenging task. It requires significant expertise, knowledge, and experience to develop a scalable and secure backend that can handle large volumes of data and user requests. 

Our team of backend developers works closely with our partners to understand their specific requirements and build custom backend solutions that cater to their business needs. We use the latest technologies and frameworks to build scalable and efficient backend platforms that handle large volumes of data and traffic. Our backend development process is transparent, and our partners can see the progress via such tools as time trackers and frequent updates on task status.

We offer cloud migration services to help businesses transition to cloud computing technologies. Our team can assist in migrating applications to the cloud, ensuring seamless and secure data transfer. We can assist with every aspect of the migration process, from planning and design to implementation and testing.

We offer secure APIs designed to protect our customer's data and applications from unauthorised access. Our APIs are built using the latest security best practices, and we continuously monitor and update them to ensure maximum protection. We make sure that the APIs follow industry standards and are well-documented.

Our backend development services include efficient data management that ensures data is processed, stored, and retrieved correctly and efficiently. The optimal choice of instruments and mechanisms for data storage. From choosing the correct database like MongoDB or PostgreSQL to more sophisticated solutions that require Data Lakes, Data Frames, and more.

We design and implement backend architectures that can scale quickly and efficiently, ensuring the application can handle growing traffic and demanding workloads. We can also help with solving questions related to load and geo-balancing.

Our team helps our partners build responsive and interactive web applications using the latest JavaScript frameworks, such as Node.js.

Our AWS-certified specialists are skilled in building and managing AWS infrastructures, providing high performance, scalability, and security. We offer AWS-related services such as setting up CI/CD processes, load balancing, and DevOps tasks.

Free consultation

We start with a free consultation to define your project requirements. We will evaluate the existing IT infrastructure and determine what type of backend development services will be required. This consultation also helps set clear expectations about the project and its scope.

Project Definition

During this process, we consider the general business needs and values, safety, architecture, load, performance requirements, etc. All these factors are supposed to ensure the end product is high quality. This phase also includes assessing the resources required, timelines, and potential risks.

Choosing the Right Technolofy

Our team of developers picks the right technology stack based on the project requirements and performance expectations. The team also considers the scalability and security aspects of the technology stack, keeping in mind the project's scalability and maintainability requirements.

Estimation of Work

We provide a comprehensive estimate of the work required and the timeline for project completion. Once the analysis is done, the development team plans the backend architecture.

Backend Architecture

Our backend developers design a scalable and efficient architecture that can handle the workload. The development team must ensure the backend architecture can support the project's expected load and performance requirements.

Database Design

Essential part of the backend development process is database design. The goal of the backend team is to design a database that is efficient, secure, and easy to manage. We create a database schema that is optimized for the application's requirements.

API Contracts Design

Building and managing APIs is another crucial step in the backend development process. Developers create API contracts defining how the front and backend of the product being built will communicate with each other.

Building and Managing APIs

We develop and manage secure, robust, and performant APIs. The team needs to design a robust and scalable API that can handle requests and responses efficiently.

Integration with Third-party Services

Our development team will work with the customer to ensure that the backend system can integrate with third-party services, such as payment gateways or social media platforms, ensuring smooth operations.

Support and Maintenance

We provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the application runs smoothly. It may include monitoring the system for vulnerabilities, updating it to address security issues, and providing technical support to our partners.

We bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project we work on, allowing us to deliver robust, scalable, and high-performing solutions. Whether you need a custom backend solution for your website, application, or e-commerce platform, we have your back!

  • Solid foundation

Our team can create a solid foundation for the project, ensuring that the architecture is scalable and the system can handle a large workload. It means that the backend can take a large amount of traffic and maintain reliable uptime of at least 99.9% (high availability).

  • Flexible process

Having a solid understanding of performance optimization, we ensure that the project performs efficiently and can meet the demands of the end users. Our developers are well-versed in flexible processes, meaning they can adapt to project direction changes and make adjustments as needed.

  • Growth abilities

Our backend developers can grow and scale the backend according to the project's requirements. The backend can then easily accommodate an increasing workload and add new system features. Our team uses databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB and can design and optimize databases to handle large amounts of data.

  • Vast integration experience 

Development engineers on our team have vast integration experience. They can integrate various systems and services, including payment gateways, delivery systems, CRMs, etc. It ensures the project can seamlessly connect with other services, streamlining operations and enhancing overall performance.

Our team always looks for new and innovative ways to improve our partners' backend systems. We are constantly exploring new technologies and approaches to ensure that our partner's systems are at the cutting edge of the industry.

Businesses of all sizes widely use AWS, so there is a growing demand for AWS-certified specialists. We provide the expertise needed to build, deploy, and maintain AWS applications, guaranteeing they are reliable, scalable, and secure.

Building and setting the correct infrastructure

Setting up the correct infrastructure is one of the most critical aspects of AWS management. Our AWS-certified specialists can help you choose the right combination of services, tools, and technologies to create a robust and scalable infrastructure, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum efficiency. 

Ensuring CI/CD processes

One of the critical tasks our AWS-certified specialists are often called upon to perform is ensuring effective CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery) processes. It involves automating the code testing, integration, and deployment process to enable faster and more efficient development cycles. By working with AWS tools such as CodePipeline, CodeBuild, and CodeDeploy, our specialists can help businesses streamline their development workflows and reduce the time to market for new applications and features.

Load balancing

Load balancing involves distributing workloads across multiple instances to ensure they don’t become overwhelmed. It is crucial in providing application availability and performance, particularly during high traffic or demand periods. Our team can also help configure load balancers to handle sudden spikes in traffic, ensuring that applications remain available and responsive to users.

DevOps tasks

In addition to these core areas of expertise, our AWS-certified specialists may perform a range of DevOps tasks, such as monitoring and troubleshooting cloud-based systems, configuring and managing security settings, and optimizing performance and cost efficiency. 

We value our partners and work hard to build lasting relationships, approaching every project with integrity, transparency, and a commitment to excellence. We know that our clients are experts in their fields, and we work closely with them to develop solutions tailored to their unique challenges and goals. Whether designing a new system from scratch or optimizing an existing process, we always keep our customer's objectives in mind.