Content marketing specialist

We are looking for a skilled Content marketing specialist for one of our products, ready to take on inbound marketing strategies, social media, blogs, and lead generation.

The perfect fit would be a creative marketing pro with a knack for writing. You should be able to develop engaging content aligning with our product's brand vision to attract and retain customers. Staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and marketing trends is a must for this role.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate in the development and execution of a content strategy, supporting the lead in aligning with the company's goals and optimizing the use of all channels to increase traffic and conversions.

  • Understand the target audience, segment them effectively, and create tailored content addressing their specific needs, pains, and fears.

  • Focus on results and adhere to defined KPIs to measure content effectiveness.

  • Understand the mechanics of hashtags and social media trends to optimize content reach and engagement.

  • Create, manage, and post content on social media platforms (Facebook, X, LinkedIn, TikTok), understanding the nuances of each channel.

  • Write engaging, high-quality content in English for various platforms, including social media posts, expert articles, and marketing emails.

  • Design visually appealing graphics using Canva, adhering to our brand guidelines.

  • Adhere consistently to our established tone of voice across all content.

  • Analyze content performance to refine and enhance the content strategy.

Ability to create and narrate video tutorials for platforms such as YouTube, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok.

About the candidate:

  • Exceptional writing and editing skills.

  • A strong sense of branding and maintaining a consistent tone of voice.

  • Ability to write for multiple channels (long-form, newsletters, social media, etc.).

  • Skill in determining customer needs and translating them into compelling content ideas.

  • Capability to create basic visuals.

  • Data-driven approach with an understanding of success metrics.

  • Openness to feedback and ability to implement it effectively.

  • Creative and brimming with ideas for SpreadSimple's content.


  • Proven track record in content marketing.

  • Proficiency in English, with an emphasis on grammatical accuracy.

  • Independent, proactive approach to content opportunities and trends.

  • Experience in graphic design using Canva.

  • Knowledge in analyzing content performance and making strategic improvements.

We offer

  • Decent salary, revisable within a 6-month cycle;
  • Fully remote work from anywhere you want;
  • 40-hr work week with a flexible schedule;
  • Slack & GSuite communication;
  • Paid courses at popular education platforms at the company's expense;
  • Bureaucracy-free processes;
  • Flexible day-offs, upon request;
  • Flexible paid vacation;
  • A wide range of interesting projects where you'll be able to get your hands on cutting-edge things;
  • Friendly team with a warm internal climate.

Apply for the position:

E-mail us at