Projects of our own help us gain a deeper understanding of what our customers need to succeed

Devstark Labs is a software development company that is focused on creating software for its partners and developing its own products. Devstark is both a software development company and a product studio.

A product studio is a unique business model that combines both customer work and the development of its software products.

The studio's software products serve as a testing ground for new features and technologies that are in the products developed for partners. These products are also a source of revenue, allowing the studio to invest in research and development, hire new talent, and expand its services.

By prioritizing our partners' work and continually investing in our products, we stay at the forefront of innovation and bring successful products to market.

Devstarks' diverse portfolio of products can range from mobile apps to web applications, which allows us to experiment with various technologies and explore new possibilities.

We understand the challenges businesses face in creating software solutions and can offer strategic advice and ideas to overcome these challenges. Our emphasis on creating our projects allows us to bring a fresh, innovative approach when working with partners.

Our focus on Research and Development (R&D) has been a critical factor in our success as a tech partner for our customers. Our R&D approach involves a deep understanding of the latest trends in technology, combined with a rigorous testing and validation process, to ensure that we deliver the best possible results.

One area where we have particularly excelled in recent years is Machine Learning (ML). ML has become a critical tool for businesses that want to gain insights from their data, and our R&D team has been in charge of developing ML solutions that are both efficient and effective. For example, we have developed ML models that can accurately predict consumer behavior based on past purchase history. It has helped our partners better understand their customers and tailor their marketing strategies accordingly.

In addition to our work in ML, we are also heavily involved in R&D in edge computing, content delivery, and video processing. These technologies are becoming increasingly important as more and more businesses move their operations to the Cloud.

Devstark was founded in 2015 by two development engineers who shared the vision of helping businesses grow through innovative technology solutions. From the beginning, the team at Devstark worked tirelessly to build a reputation for excellence, always striving to deliver the highest quality work to their partners.

As the company grew, so did the team, along with more experience and expertise. We started launching our products and software projects, learning from our successes and failures. This hands-on approach to software development allowed us to understand the entire development process, from ideation to deployment.

Today, Devstark Labs is proud to partner with other businesses and organizations to help them bring their technology solutions to life. Our team collaborates deep diving into each project to understand the client's unique needs and goals. We offer various services, from full-cycle development to project rescue and optimization.

Our company's values and culture emphasize collaboration, continuous learning, and a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

To learn more about Devstark, visit our About Us section. We're excited to share our passion for software development and help bring your ideas to life.

At Devstark, we believe in being more than just a tech vendor to our partners. We strive to become an integral part of their business by understanding their needs, challenges, and goals. Our team of developers, designers, and QA testers works collaboratively to provide solutions that not only solve their user's pains but also help their businesses grow and flourish.

We have a proven process and approach that we've developed through our extensive experience in product development. Our deep knowledge in five key industries (Healthcare, Transport, Hospitality, Education, and Travel) has helped us build successful projects and bring our partner's stories to success. We don't just deliver a product; we provide value to our partners.

One of the reasons for our success is our cross-functional and T-shaped team. Unlike traditional groups, where each member is an expert in their field, our team members have a broad range of skills and expertise in multiple areas. This approach helps us improve communication between team members and speed up project delivery without compromising work quality.

For example, a developer with expertise in front-end development can also work on back-end development. At the same time, a designer with experience in user research can also help with UX design. By having team members who are experts in their field and have knowledge of adjacent disciplines, we ensure that every aspect of the project is considered and delivered with the utmost quality.

Being part of a T-shaped team also means we value continuous learning and improvement. Our team members always look for new ways to upskill themselves, stay up-to-date with industry trends and technologies, and bring new ideas.

We've seen the benefits of this approach in our projects, and we're confident that we can bring the same level of success to our partners. Our T-shaped team can quickly adapt to new technologies and trends and are always open to learning and experimenting.

Our team members are the driving force behind our success. With their dedication, passion, and desire to constantly learn and improve, we're confident that we can continue delivering innovative, cutting-edge products that help our partners stay on top of their game.

Moreover, our team members are always ready to take on challenging tasks and find creative solutions to complex problems. They work in a collaborative environment where they share their knowledge and experiences to help each other. By working together, they learn from each other and grow their skillset collectively. And most importantly, their dedication to excellence is evident in the quality of their work.

In addition to improving their skills, our team members also share their knowledge and expertise with others. They frequently participate in community events and conferences, contribute to open source, and mentor junior developers. By giving back to the community, our team members help to ensure that the IT industry continues to thrive and innovate but also polish their skills and gain new perspectives.

We are committed to contributing to open-source projects and giving back to the community. Our team has significantly contributed to open-source projects, such as the Reactive Vue.js wrapper for Google Charts. Open source is the backbone of modern technology, and contributing to it is the responsibility of every developer.

We also actively participate in community-driven initiatives, such as meetups, where we share our knowledge and expertise with fellow developers. It helps build a more inclusive and collaborative community that benefits everyone. We also provide training and support for new developers interested in contributing to open-source projects.

Contributing to open-source projects also helps developers stay sharp in their programming skills. We constantly learn and improve our coding abilities by working on real-world problems and collaborating with other community members. Furthermore, the code reviews and feedback we receive through open-source contributions help us identify improvement areas and learn from our mistakes.

Our experience with startups has taught us the importance of communication and transparency. We understand that startups operate in a fast-paced environment and that communication needs to be efficient and effective. We have developed our unique approach to project management, ensuring that we are always on top of things and keeping our clients informed every step of the way. This approach has proven successful in many previous projects, allowing us to deliver quality products within tight deadlines.

Another key lesson from working with startups is building strong partnerships. We view ourselves as an extension of our partner's teams and work closely with them to understand their business goals and objectives. By building solid relationships with our clients, we can provide personalized and tailored solutions that meet their unique needs.

We understand that startups must snowball and adapt to changing market conditions. Experience with our services gives us insight into being scalable and flexible, allowing us to adapt to the changing needs of our clients as they grow. We have worked with businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. This experience has given us the knowledge and skills to help startups scale their operations and reach their full potential.

Furthermore, our experience working with startups has helped us develop a unique approach to project management. We understand startups often have limited resources, so we focus on delivering results quickly and efficiently. Our agile approach to development allows us to adapt to changing requirements and pivot when necessary. We also prioritize communication, regularly updating our clients on the progress of their projects and seeking their feedback to ensure their satisfaction.


We believe in investing in ourselves and our projects. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible and are committed to taking risks that lead to innovation and growth. We have bootstrapped most of our projects, which has allowed us to retain control and ownership over our work. 

However, we also understand the value of strategic partnerships. We have established relationships with top accelerators, such as Starta Capital and YCombinator, and angel investors who share our vision and passion.

We welcome interested investors to contact us at to learn more about investment opportunities with our company. 

We always seek like-minded individuals who share our values and are committed to helping us drive innovation and growth in the tech industry. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and creating value for our partners and investors.

  • SpreadSimple is our flagship product that allows businesses and individuals to easily create and manage their websites using a simple and intuitive platform. After years of working with clients who struggled with complicated website builders, our team set out to create a tool that would simplify the process and open up web design to a broader audience. We combined our expertise in coding and innovation with our commitment to user-focused design to create a platform that allows anyone to create a professional-looking website in just minutes. Since launching SpreadSimple, we've continued to refine and enhance the platform, adding new features and integrations that make it even more powerful and versatile.
  • Airpen has been a significant success, with users worldwide using it to enhance their content and bring their ideas to life. The concept for Airpen began when our team noticed a growing demand for high-quality images and illustrations to accompany written content. However, only some have the skills or resources to create visuals; stock images can often be expensive and lack originality. We wanted to create a solution allowing anyone to generate custom images from their own words quickly. Through building and maintaining Airpen, our team gained invaluable expertise in AI and machine learning. We are proud of what we have accomplished with this product and look forward to continuing to innovate and push the boundaries of AI technology.
  • Wiiit is a highly advanced AI technology that is easy to use and provides accurate and relevant responses to users' queries. We aimed to create a virtual assistant that would revolutionize how people interact with technology, and we believe we have achieved that with Wiiit. We gained valuable expertise and knowledge in AI research and development as we created and maintained the product. We learned to optimize our algorithms for maximum efficiency, fine-tune our models for better accuracy, and implement robust security measures to protect user data. We also learned to work closely with our customers, listening to their feedback and making improvements based on their needs. With Wiiit, the future of AI technology is here, and we are excited to be a part of it.
  • Merch38 is a custom merchandise platform that allows businesses and individuals to create and sell custom products, such as t-shirts, mugs, and other items. This product was born out of our team's desire to help small businesses and independent creators harness the power of e-commerce without investing in their own production and shipping infrastructure. We worked tirelessly to create a platform to streamline custom product design, manufacturing, and shipping. We have helped thousands of customers bring their creative visions to life. Through Merch38, we've gained a deep understanding of e-commerce and supply chain management and have become leaders in this rapidly evolving space.

Why work with us?

When you work with us, you can rest assured that you're working with a tech partner you can trust. We value transparency, honesty, and open communication and are committed to delivering the highest quality service possible.

We understand that every business is unique, so we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We understand the importance of having a reliable tech partner. Whether you're a small business owner, an entrepreneur, or an established corporation, we're here to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of technology. With years of experience, our team is dedicated to providing you with the best solutions.

We'll tailor our services to meet your specific needs and budget. Whether you need help with software development, cybersecurity, cloud computing, or data analytics, we're in for a challenge.